SM Action, Teutschental (DE) Forato One Step Away from the Top Five in the German GP

TEUSCHENTAL (DE) – Excellent day for the SM ACTION team.

After the injury just as Ruffini was on his way back, the team lined up in force at the German GP.
At the start as usual Alberto Forato in the MXGP, Devin Simonson and Lorenzo Ciabatti in the MX2 and Federico Tuani in the EMX250 class. Already from Saturday Alberto showed off getting the third time in timed qualifying, while in the qualifying race after an excellent performance he finished in third position, with a good start and an excellent race pace. In the MX2 class instead Simonson and Ciabatti are respectively eighteenth and twentieth.
Federico Tuani, in the EMX250, gets the sixteenth time in timed practice. In race one, which takes place on Saturday, he gets an excellent eleventh place after a good start, demonstrating good speed.

Sunday, characterized by a sunny and very hot day, instead sees Federico in fifteenth position, after a couple of mistakes too many in the finale.

Excellent performance by Forato, who hits the start in race one and after a constant race finishes in fifth position, demonstrating an excellent race pace and a good feeling with the bike. In race two the start was not as brilliant as in race one, and after a good comeback Alberto finished in seventh position, collecting less than he couldhave expected given the excellent race pace and the very good speed shown over the weekend.

In MX2 Devin Simonson feels the heat, and after a physical drop and a few too many mistakes, in race one he finishes in twenty-third position, immediately behind Ciabatti twenty-second. In race two they both improve, finishing in eighteenth and twentieth position.

We will meet again the team involved in the Italian championship next weekend in Arco di Trento.

Team SM Action KTM uses WRP Pro-Bar handlebars