Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Hammaker, Shimoda, and Mumford Inside Top 10 at Washougal

Washougal MX Highlights:

  • Hammaker led the way with 6th overall (7-6)
  • Shimoda tied Hammaker for sixth (6-7), but Hammaker got the tiebreaker 
  • Mumford returned and finished ninth overall
  • Forkner and DiFrancesco had incidents on the Moto 1 opening lap, finishing 15th (21-10) and 17th (39-12), respectively


WASHOUGAL, Washington (July 23, 2023) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Seth Hammaker, Jo Shimoda, and Carson Mumford all landed inside the top-10 during a hard-fought Round 8 at Washougal Motocross Park. The Pro Motocross Championship held its annual stop in the pines of the Pacific Northwest and the riders worked through hardship and shadows to put their Kawasaki KX™250 machines in the top-10 with Hammaker sixth overall (7-6), Shimoda seventh (6-7), and Mumford ninth (9-9). Austin Forkner avoided disaster in the opening moto after going down on the start and coming back to finish 15th overall (21-10), while Ryder DiFrancesco also had a hard first moto to charge back to 17th overall (39-12).

Other than last weekend when Hammaker couldn’t get a clean start, the No. 35’s return to racing has been impressive with top-10 finishes since RedBud. He added another solid result after starting the day in seventh. Hammaker put his green Kawasaki KX250 in the top-five at the start of Moto 1 and was holding strong in fourth for the first part of the moto. Just after halfway he was passed and pushed back to seventh where he would hold on until the finish. The second moto saw him round the first turn again in the top-five, and he raced hard in the opening laps to hold on to fourth place. After some back and forth, he moved into fifth and nearly kept the position until the end but lost the spot with two laps to go, ending the day sixth with his 7-6 moto scores.

“Washougal is always challenging and this year was no different,” said Hammaker. “The track was really rough by the end of the day and the main goal was to minimize mistakes, which I think we were able to do. I am still pushing to get back into the top-five and I think we’re close. The break will be good to regroup and focus on having a strong final three rounds.”

After two podium finishes in a row, Shimoda knew he was going to be challenged in the pines of Washougal. He qualified 10th in the morning sessions and had a good jump out of the Moto 1 gate, coming around the first turn in sixth. Shimoda was passed on the opening lap and settled into seventh. He made it up to sixth and at the finish line was only 0.2 seconds behind fifth. The second moto was more of an uphill battle starting in 12th. With not many places to pass, Shimoda used the entire moto to work his way up to seventh, scoring in a tie with Hammaker but was awarded seventh overall.

“It wasn’t the day I was hoping for, but this track is challenging and I didn’t want to make too costly of a mistake,” said Shimoda. “The biggest thing was my second moto start where I put myself in a bad position and had to work forward. It’s a hard track to pass on and I didn’t help myself out with a 12th place start in Moto 2. I’m going to enjoy these two weekends off and I’m looking forward to Unadilla where I got a win last year.”

After sitting out the past few rounds, Mumford was called back up to the team to fill in for Jett Reynolds. He has done well in the past at the track and collected his personal best in the Pacific Northwest. Starting in 11th place in Moto 1, Mumford pushed his way into the top-10 and eventually finished ninth. The second moto he had more work to do after a 14th place start but never gave up and once again climbed into the top-10 to finish ninth for ninth overall.


“It was great to be back with the team this weekend,” said Mumford. “Everyone has the same goal to finish up front and I was happy to be able to move forward in both motos. A top-10 is good for me after not lining up the past few rounds. The track is tough and I’m happy that I could make the passes I did.”

Forkner started the day at Washougal leading the team in qualifying with a fifth overall. He didn’t get the best jump off the start and ended up being collected in a crash on the start straight. Even though he was heavily bruised up, he still made a valient effort by rejoining the race and making it up to 21st. Thankfully he wasn’t seriously hurt and lined up for Moto 2 where he started 19th. He used the entire race to work his way through the pack and managed to put his No. 55 into 10th by the checkered flag.


“That crash was definitely scary and I’m thankful that there wasn’t anything else other than some bruises,” said Forkner. “It was a tough day after that and didn’t feel like I was able to ride my best. It’s good luck that we have two weekends off so my bruising can heal up and we can come out swinging at Unadilla.”

The rookie DiFrancesco had ridden the track during his amateur years but lined up for his first professional race at Washougal. He qualified 11th as he learned the unique lines of the circuit. DiFrancesco got a good jump off the gate for Moto 1 but went down on the opening lap, damaging his bike enough to not be able to continue. He was fresh and ready to go for Moto 2 and even with the last gate pick he still managed a 15th place start. He quickly pushed his Kawasaki KX250 into 12th and maintained his speed throughout the 30-minutes plus two laps to finish 17th overall (39-12).

“It was tough to not be able to rejoin the race after going down in Moto 1,” said DiFrancesco. “Having such a bad gate pick I just tried to get through in mid-pack and was able to do that. It helped but it’s really hard to pass and that second moto was pretty brutal. It will be good to get back to tracks I’ve raced already starting with Unadilla.”

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250MX Class Overall Results – Washougal

  1. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha), 1-1
  2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha), 3-2
  3. Hunter Lawrence (Honda), 2-4
  4. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), 4-5
  5. Levi Kitchen (Yamaha), 8-3
  6. Seth Hammaker (Kawasaki), 7-6
  7. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki), 6-7
  8. Max Vohland (KTM), 5-8
  9. Carson Mumford (Kawasaki), 9-9
  10. Pierce Brown (Husqvarna), 12-11

     15. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki), 21-10
     17. Ryder DiFrancesco (Kawasaki), 39-12

250MX Class Points Standings

  1. Hunter Lawrence (Honda), 300
  2. Haiden Deegan (Yamaha), 297
  3. Justin Cooper (Yamaha), 281
  4. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), 274
  5. Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki), 269
  6. Levi Kitchen (Yamaha), 247
  7. Max Vohland (KTM), 219
  8. Tom Vialle (KTM), 210
  9. Ryder DiFrancesco (Kawasaki), 146
  10. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna), 144

     13. Seth Hammaker (Kawasaki), 98
     22. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki), 33    
     24. Jett Reynolds (Kawasaki), 29

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