JWR Honda Racing: the Unexpected Portuguese Mudfest Bringing Out Brilliance

The MXGP of Portugal took place on the International Motocross Circuit of Agueda this past weekend, between 3rd and 5th of May. And what a weekend it turned out to be. We faced some of the muddiest, gnarliest conditions perhaps ever seen on a GP track. Under the usually so sunny Portuguese skies nonetheless.

The brutal downpour pushed limits across the paddock, as motorcycles were challenged by heat, mechanics by heat, consistency and pressure under preparing motorcycles for each heat, and riders by merely managing to stay upright on the track through the puddles turned into small lakes, ruts turned into valleys, and so forth.

Coming in well prepared though we ran all weekend long smoothly, as Alvin Östlund took a good kickstart for the weekend by racing to the 8th Position in the Qualifying Race on Saturday, already indicating great pace for the weekend, as well as earning him three points.

While the forecasts and general consensus was, that it’s going to be wet, no one could’ve predicted the absolute chaos that emerged just couple minutes into the first race on Sunday. The sky fell down with all of its force and turned the race into a chaos. Pure focus and trust on the motorcycle pushed Alvin across the finish line at 11th position.

“One of the hardest motos I’ve ever done” -Alvin Östlund

Going from the chaos of the first heat to the second one was extremely hectic, as half of the motorcycle’s weight was just mud that needs to come off before the rest of the work can start.

Getting into the second race, things weren’t any easier as the theme from earlier on continued. Alvin was absolutely killing it with confidence and steadiness though, battling in the Top 7 for a long time, until towards the end of the race losing couple positions, finishing again 11th.

With overall 10th position, and 23 World Championship points we’re beyond stoked to push further next weekend in Lugo, Spain on the brand new GP circuit.

Team JWR Honda Racing uses WRP Handlebars